Our services

„Flexible, yet robust proprietary model combined with years of experience with corporate Enterprise Business Application.”

The process

01 Assesment

We start with a short, individually prepared audit/workshop to get to know the character of your organisation.

02 Objectives

We jointly set key objectives, and decide on the measurement criteria and the team to be engaged to achieve the objectives (we customise the competencies and experience mix to maximise results).

03 Commercials

For a fixed monthly fee, our team of experienced service managers (familiar with business/ERP processes) effectively manages support processes in your Enterprise Business Application system.

04 Service Operations

If a crisis or escalation emerges, our Service Manager will seamlessly take over

the coordination of the teams involved in the problem resolution and ensure

appropriate communication with all stakeholders. If your operations require it,

our Service Manager will be on call 24/7.

05 Sustainability

We regularly review operations with all the stakeholders, establish directions

for improvement and monitor progress.

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